Roasted Garlic


I LOVE garlic, but even more, I love it roasted. I almost always keep roasted garlic in the refrigerator and use it anywhere garlic is called for. Any time you roast something, you bring the natural sugars within the ingredient to the surface that is visible by the caramelization on the top. The flavor is much milder and surprisingly, sweet. You could literally use it as a spread all by itself.


Roasting garlic usually take about 40-50 minutes. That’s a long time to roast a bulb of garlic. So what I do to save time is I slip in a few bulbs of garlic with whatever I’m using the oven to cook/roast something. Roasting several bulbs with one stove… …ah haha, see what I did there? Instead of killing two birds with one, yeah… Moving on.


Once out of the oven and have had plenty of time to cool, you can squeeze the garlic bulbs and collect the garlic-like paste. Licking your fingers is permitted as long as you aren’t caught.

Oh, and did I mention the beautiful aroma that will fill your home?! Crack open a window and I’m pretty sure you will have neighbors lining up at your door to see what’s for dinner.


Usage: roasted garlic can be put in place of any garlic called for in a recipe. I love to add it to mashed sweet potatoes, tomato sauces, meats, marinades, mayo, butter, etc. Roasted garlic compound butter underneath the skin of a whole chicken. Outstanding. The possibilities are endless.

Storage: it can be stored in a small air tight container filled with oil of your choice for up to a week in the refrigerator. I keep mine in a ziplock bag, as it usually doesn’t last more than two-to-three days. I have had no problems doing it this way.


Roasted Garlic Recipe

Bulbs of garlic, with the heads cut off
Aluminum foil

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
2. Wrap garlic bulbs in aluminum foil and place on a sheet tray.
3. Roast garlic bulbs 40-50 minutes. (Check on them at the 30 minute mark)

Cool before handling.