Pumpkin Spiced Marshmallows 

Pumpkin spiced marshmallows. Yes, please. I have been experimenting these past few weeks with Alton Brown’s marshmallow recipe. I’ve made substitutions here and there and was able to come up with these pumpkin spiced marshmallows. I passed them out for about a week to get feedback and received a lot of “mmmm’s” and “wow’s!”

I made them twice (plain marshmallows and pumpkin spiced) using light corn syrup and the other time using agave syrup. Yes, I know both of those are “bad”, however, this is a treat and not something that is eaten on a daily basis. 

Honey can also be substituted for the corn syrup, however, it will have a dominating honey flavor to it, which isn’t a bad thing, if you like honey.

I’ve now made marshmallows using honey, corn syrup and agave. My personal favorite is the corn syrup one. GASP! While I ‘practice’ paleo, I also am a person with needs. Marshmallow needs. Besides, if you’re going to eat something like marshmallows, you might as well make it yourself to avoid extra ingredients.

And besides, this picture is reason enough to make them.

FYI: these toast up nicely around a camp fire.


Want this recipe? Visit Tampa Bay Moms Blog to get my adapted version of Alton Brown’s marshmallow recipe, tips and tricks, and flavor variations (pumpkin spice, Mexican chocolate, and more).


November 2014: Paleo Marshmallow post


Enjoy the recipe and stop back by to share your version!




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